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    Li Keqiang financial reform roadmap: main three directions this year
    [Li Keqiang from the past six months of research directions and speech, you can paint a relatively sound financial reform roadmap, including not only the establishment of private banks, the interest rate market, the establishment of a deposit insurance system,hogan originali, also involving small loans, financial leasing, rural finance and other financial reform envisaged]
    Since the end of 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang throughout the research study, not only repeatedly stressed to stimulate real economic growth, but also the release of policy signals on several areas of financial reform.
    Li Keqiang,louboutin homme, the past six months from the survey line and speech, you can paint a relatively sound financial reform roadmap, including not only the establishment of private banks, the interest rate market, the establishment of a deposit insurance system, also involving small loans, financial leasing,woolrich parka uomo, rural finance financial reform ideas.
    In September last year,moncler sito ufficiale, Li Keqiang met in Dalian to attend the 2013 Summer Davos Forum, entrepreneurs had said, which is bound to contain China's economic reform and financial reform,acheter louboutin, China's determination to promote financial reform is strong.
    For financial reform, Li stressed that the focus this year is to do three things: ease market access, to promote the interest rate market and the establishment of a deposit insurance system.
    Financial reform serve the real economy
    By the downward impact of economic growth, the State Council has recently issued directional micro-stimulus measures, including not only the expansion of small and micro enterprise income tax, further comprising determining deepen private capital investment and financing system, as well as reduce the deposit reserve Counties rural commercial banks and rural cooperative banks ratio.
    In late December, also said Li inspection tour in Tianjin: Financial leasing is a financial innovations to support the real economy, is a & lsquo; new heights. Financial leasing industry our less experienced, talent is not enough, supporting policies is not perfect. Countries find ways to nurture this industry developed, and the industry itself but also for the service of the real economy.
    This year, March 26,peuterey outlet, Li Keqiang inspected Shenyang Han Hua small loan companies, encouraged by the Prime Minister, head of the company mentioned in one breath to expand financing channels,new balance, fiscal support, I hope to do the private banks and other three recommendations, Li immediately asked the finance and taxation step up research department head, try to support. Li said that microfinance services small and micro enterprises, small harmony superposition of two,ceinture chrome hearts, the United States will make a big career.
    In the International Institute of Finance, deputy director of the Bank of China Zong opinion,bottes golden goose, small loans and financial leasing reform is closely related to stimulate the real economy. UBS Securities chief economist Wang Tao also believes that special micro stimulus has been out.
    The end of March this year, Li Keqiang visits in Shenyang also said that financial innovation should be the people's business,hogan scontate, employment powered support, feelings of the people is the most important criterion to measure the financial services industry. Forced to this financial reform and innovation.
    Chinese government network news pictures showed the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, who was accompanied by Li Keqiang visits. After a lapse of one month, April 28, Li Keqiang presided over the seminar held in Chongqing, construction of research relies on the golden waterway of the Yangtze River Economic Belt,veste jordan, is China's sustained economic development to provide important support. Zhou Xiaochuan also attended the forum.
    Another key figure in the field of finance and central bank vice governor, director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Yi Gang, has served as deputy director of the Central Financial Work Leading Group Office. Central Financial Work Leading Group is the core of leadership and decision-making departments of the Chinese economy, it is incumbent leader Li Keqiang.
    April 22, the State Council held a national exchange of experience in financial services in rural areas teleconference. Li Keqiang made important instructions pointed out that requiring departure from the development of agriculture, deepen rural financial reform, foster rural financial market, increase agriculture-related credit and policy support efforts to implement differentiated deposit reserve system, improve financial supervision and risk prevention and control mechanism.
    April 25, the central bank decided to cut the county rural commercial banks of RMB deposit reserve ratio by 2 percentage points, down county rural cooperative banks RMB deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points. The reduction is to support the & lsquo; three rural development. JP Morgan chief China economist Zhu Haibin analysis.
    In addition, this year April 23,ksubi occhiali da sole, by the Prime Minister Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting pointed out,saldi woolrich roma, will allow social capital, especially private investment into some past government and state-owned investment funds led the field with a natural monopoly.
    This year the main three directions
    In fact, Prime Minister Li Keqiang had been designated as China's economic development growth in the bottom line, and he has repeatedly stressed that the economic growth rate remained at a reasonable range to promote employment, while the timely disposal to ensure that regional does not occur, the system financial risks.
    April 25, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a meeting to study and set the tone for the current economic situation and economic work. According to observation of the meeting, Zhu Haibin analysis,gioielli tiffany outlet, steady growth is still the primary goal, but the list (and the order) the main policy objectives has undergone subtle changes,louboutin pas cher, promoting reform in second place, structural adjustment in third place.
    Since taking office last March, China's new collective leadership emphasized to deregulation and economic reform, so as to promote economic development. Barclays chief China economist Jian Chang "First Financial Daily" reporters.
    In addition, Premier Li Keqiang recently in "Seeking Truth" magazine published "On deepening economic reform," a signed article, the article pointed out that the domestic financial problems in the field of financial reform and the direction of the field this year.
    For the current mode of operation of domestic financial institutions in general, extensive financial and development of rural small and medium financial institutions is lagging behind other issues, Li stressed that the focus this year is to do the following three things: ease market access, to promote the interest rate market and the establishment of a deposit insurance system .
    Li Keqiang in the "On deepening economic reform," the article pointed out that the financial industry despite its special features, but the essence is still a competitive industry, we also need to promote the improvement of services through competition, optimize the allocation of resources through the market. To strengthen the supervision of the premise, to expand market access, to allow qualified private capital according to the law initiated the establishment of small and medium banks and other financial institutions.
    According to "Business News" reporter, in March this year, China Banking Regulatory Commission has approved the first batch of five private banks were pilot in Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong. Including Alibaba, universal, Tencent, etc. 10 Fosun private capital participation.
    In addition, the end of April the central bank released the "China Financial Stability Report (2014)," said the private banks are generally smaller,louboutin en ligne, with a small micro-enterprise financing cost advantages and information symmetry advantages, not only can effectively alleviate the small micro-enterprise financing difficulty and Agriculture problem, but also increase the competitiveness of the supply of finance to the real economy, rich tissue banking system.
    The interest rate market is to determine the right price to the capital market. Currently, the vast majority of funds have been the market price, whether the price of stocks,spaccio hogan, bonds or loans have been released, leaving only the deposit rate ceiling that last pass. Li Keqiang pointed out that "a number of issues on deepening economic reform," the article.
    Previously, the central bank has been fully liberalized lending rates of financial institutions regulation, July 20, 2013, the central bank abolished the floor on lending rates of financial institutions, the opening of the bills discounted interest rate controls, while the lending rate is no longer the rural credit cooperatives established limit.
    The deposit insurance system on the market of common concern, Premier Li Keqiang noted that the establishment of a deposit insurance system is the development of private banks,new balance 996, small banks and an important prerequisite condition. Objective to enhance the deposit insurance credit of these banks, large banks with whom to create a fair competitive environment in financial markets, which will help promote financial sector liberalization and market access reforms.


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