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♦  Star Product from Opteeq

♦ Best in Class Gang Programming Solution for Mass Production

♦ With whole intellectual property rights, High Performance, Cost-effective, High Reliability


     Product Features

  • Ultra high-speed —- unique hardware core & software design to reach IC’s full programming potential
  • 4/8 way parallel programming —- true 4/8 physical programming channels to remarkably improve productivity
  • Universal programmer —- support tens of thousands of ICs from various companies
  • Integration friendly —- can be easily integrated into testing equipment (ATE, ICT, FCT, etc.)
  • Stand-alone mode —- suitable for manual operation
  • Compact size —- easy to fit into fixtures or other equipment
  • Highly stable and reliable —- strictly tested to ensure stable and reliable operation in manufacturing environment



     Hardware Features 

  • Programming Interface: JTAG, SWD, BDM, DAP, UART, SPI, I2C, C2, etc.
  • All I/Os with protection
  • Adjustable voltage for all I/Os (1.65V – 5.5V)
  • Input voltage: 9 -24V (DC)
  • SD card expandable,up to 16 GB
  • Controllable by external equipment (ATE, ICT, FCT, Control Board, etc.) through I/Os
  • Control signals are opto-isolated
  • Status signals are opto-isolated
  • USB or Ethernet connection with a computer
  • Full metal enclosure with excellent EMI/EMC features
  • Exclusive grounding wire for each programming signal to ensure feature


     Software Features 

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • English/Chinese versions
  • DLL for external software expansion
  • Easy firmware upgrade
  • Log file generation
  • Erase, blank check, program, verify, etc. configurable by software


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