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“Secret Weapon” for the Opteeq Gang Programmer S4/S8

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Differential Signal transmission is taken in the programming protocol of some ICs to improve stability and reliability. Most of third party programmers are often helpless to deal with differential signal programming.

“Opteeq Differential Signal Adaptor”was developed by our professional R&D team to program ICs which use LVDS. The adaptor could be easily connected with Opteeq S4/S8 and installed into the fixtures or programming stations to program 4 or 8 PCBs at the same time. Since launched, the adaptor is successfully applied for several customers’ devices programming MLX81116 from Melexis and E522.49 from Elmos.

FIG. 1 E521.36 Special differential signal converter
FIG. 2 Opteeq S4 programmer and E521.36 signal converter combination

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