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Industry Solution

Opteeq Technologies focuses on satisfying customers’ needs. Some special programming features below are developed by Opteeq for an independent design house (IDH) to protect their intellectual property:

♦ Encryption to programming files (HEX)

♦ Encryption to programmed IC to protect its content from read out

♦ Number of devices control: Customer can generate license to limit the number of devices to be programmed. The end-user could only program the volume permitted by the license.



Opteeq Technologies supplied a “full-function” programming station to a rising Chinese new energy car maker. On the customer’s PCBA (for electric motor control), there are 5 ICs from 3 companies to be programmed. Firstly, the station programs these 5 ICs, including programming a Boot Loader to a microcontroller. After that, the station downloads an application program into the microcontroller through CAN bus. This station is integrated into customer’s MES system to supervise the whole process.


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