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Programming Station customization

>>>  Programming & Testing Station

 ♦  On-demand One-stop Solution

        Product features

  • Parallel programming up to 128 PCBAs per station
  • Customized solution according to customer’s production volume, cycle time, type of PCBAs, and budget
  • Custom-built fixtures, enclosures and accessories
  • Custom-made system software (developed in C++, LabView, TestStand, etc.)
  • Easy integration with MES, EMS, MIS
  • Optional modules such as bar code scanner, computer vision module, optical (e.g., LED) inspection module, etc.
  • Optional modules for voltage and current monitoring
  • Testing modules for various types of communications (e.g., CAN,CAN-FD,LIN, Flexray, RS232, Ethernet, etc.)
  • Board handling systems
  • In-line integration
  • Timely and dedicated support to satisfy customer’s needs for mass production



>>>    In-line Programming &Testing Station

 ♦    Solution for High-Volume Mass Production in SMT Line

      Product features

  • On-board programming of Flash,EEPROM,CPLD,MCU,etc.
  • Parallel programming up to 128 PCBs
  • Design and Manufacturing fixtures
  • Integration with functional test (voltage,current,I/O,communication,CAN,LED,etc.)
  • Bar code,QR code scanner
  • Integration with MES
  • Safety light curtain
  • High signal integrity through professional wiring
  • System optimization to offer suitable cycle time and equipment cost
  • SMEMA compatibility




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